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blog1When folks of average, reasonable income get the urge to relax on a breezy summer day, they might take a kite and a submarine sandwich down to the park.  When the exceptionally wealthy get the same urge, they handle the situation differently.  This entry explores the response of the latter.

Kites are for kids.  But what do you do if you’re over 11 years old and you shit dollar bills?

You tie a kite to a giant, fiberglass bathtub and have a race with other dudes that shit dollar bills and wanted to fly a kite that day.  Since anything worth doing is worth competing while doing it, you’d seek a vehicle whose main purpose (besides attaching your kite to) is to travel quickly.  In the Wisconsin area, Lake Geneva in particular, you’d own a Melges A Scow.  What the hell is a Melges A Scow?  It’s a 38′ sailboat that does 30 mph.  The rest of the details are meaningless.  It is, however, worth noting that this beauty has 1700 sq.ft of sail to move it’s relatively light ass around.  My dorm room had 144 sq.ft.  It sucked.

This past weekend was the A Scow National Regatta at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club.  These are slick, flat-bottomed boats with no keel to keep them upright.  They are super-quick with very little drag and require at least 5 crew to sail.  Like obnoxiously expensive toy vehicles can be, these boats are totally entertaining to watch.

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