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AR1A5796aThe best all-around basketballer in the league/country/world #whocares made himself available to the media this morning, just hours before his team is to dismantle an injury-riddled Bulls team at the United Center.

The Miami Heat have got a good thing going.  Anyone aware of this situation?  This group of individuals have won a whole pile of NBA games, all in a row.  Like, 27, give or take some.  It’s been a tremendous accomplishment.  We’re all very proud.

NBA game-day shootarounds are mostly closed-curtain affairs.  Teams are very protective about WTFKW (who the fuck knows what).  Sports espionage.  Imagine.

For this reason, there was no opportunity to see Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh or Ray Allen rain jumpers from all over the gym.  Just a bunch of ballers sitting around in jogging suits, answering dumb questions.  Made for some exceptionally useless still pictures.

Below: Wade icing his knees; James calls up some tunes for the 16 second walk to the locker room; Bosh going iPad Mini on your ass.



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