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Help yourself to a big, heaping plate of News You Couldn’t Possibly Use.

Since I was unable to spend the morning hours updating Wiki pages, I took in an extra-alarm fire on the 40-something hundred block of W. Who Cares Ave.  In this case, they say a woman who was squatting in an abandoned 3-story house had to jump from the top to escape a blaze that not only destroyed the building, but those on either side of it.  After a walk-around to snap whatever there was to snap, I ran into my news-photographer buddy in the back alley.  “Watch your step!”, he says.  With used needles everywhere, it was like spotting a rattlesnake.  I froze, wondering aloud: ‘what the hell are we doing here?’  Nobody needed to say: ‘taking pictures you won’t sell of a burning, abandoned drug house that nobody cares about.’  It just was.


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Interesting days ahead for hockey GMs, me thinks.

The kidding around is pretty much over.  National Hockey League rosters are going to get diced-up like a salami in the coming weeks as teams look to settle into the second half.  Fun stuff.  It’s the time of year when assholes like myself make wild, unsubstantiated claims and predictions about trades and cuts and panic buttons (very much like the last installment of senseless blather in this space where I offer no choice but to send Carcillo away).  Not surprising that while I think he’s nothing more than a common goon, Carcillo’s been getting support from several avenues.  Coach Q, TV-man Eddie O and various, random followers of the team with zero credentials have all touted Car Bomb’s contribution to the organization.  They claim he’s great in the locker room and that the skill-players know that he will have their back when the shit goes down.  He also has a radio show on WGN.  Awesome.  I still say now that he’s been suspended nearly 10 times in his NHL career, his usefulness is limited.  I think he used up his short-leash.  Next stop is a cage.  With that, I’ll shut it about Carcillo.  I’m even boring myself.

Moving on to bigger and better ridiculousness, the Hawks will be looking to use up the rest of the cap space they have as we head into the All-Star break.  All 5 million of it.  So, while I might be excited to see these young new guys get off on the right foot, I can only assume there are a few fellas that don’t share my appreciation for a Jimmy Hayes or a Andrew Shaw.  Michael Frolik is one.  Marcus Kruger and Sami Lepisto, two more.  Proof?  What proof?  I don’t need proof or proper sources to talk like an idiot.  I smell it.  Something big is about to go down, and with a shitload of luck, it’ll involve the Calgary Flames.  The Flames are old, they’ve lost their last 3, they are 6 points clear of the playoffs and they’re out of money because of Jerome Iginla.  Since 2+2=5, maybe Iginla should be a Blackhawk?  I’ve suggested far stupider.

The Hawks got in late last night after swallowing a bitter pill in Philly.  Most of the team had the morning skate off in order to rest for tonight’s game against the Avs.

A recovering M Kruger getting a little one-on-one time

Ray Emery, Sami Lepisto, big John Scott and Steve Montador were also on hand

A handful of Avs chose European-style football in the hallway over the morning skate, with minimal success.  Notice the bean stuck in the mechanicals overhead

Putting an edge on Gabriel Landeskog’s skates

Why do you want that beer so bad?  “Cause he’s thirsty, dummy.”  -Little Enos Burdette

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Have a seat.

We had a good, hearty laugh in the hockey locker room today when one of the guys said: “I don’t know, looked good to me…”, in reference to the latest Carcillo debacle.  Yeah, looked good.  He almost killed the guy.  So close.

Oh, you missed this one, did you?  Here’s the long version:  Daniel Carcillo sucks at hockey and he played last night.

His “boarding” major cost 2 goals and hopefully 5 games.  Tom Gilbert’s injury status is unclear.  I think it’s safe to say, for about the 50th time, that this little experiment is over.  It was a dumb fucking idea to begin with, but I gave Bowman the benefit, as he seems smart.  That’s ova!  Eat the remainder of the $775,000 that this dude signed for and call it day.  Carcillo is way too risky at this point, with zero upside.  He has 2 goals and nine assists in 20-something games.  I don’t even care enough to look it up.  He also has two suspensions this year, and 5 in the last 3 years.  Hell, he missed the first two games of his Blackhawk career serving time from an incident in last season’s playoffs!

Little else needs to be said here.  As of this moment, this guy is ban from league play until the NHL can get a consult with some lawyers and maybe a psychiatrist.  Any less than 4 games is silly, but with the NHL knowing that Carcillo would have to sit after injuring himself anyway, I can see the league dropping a token message of 10 games.  It sounds like outrageous punishment, but he’s obviously a repeat-offender and injured anyway.  I say, jack it up.  Keep the suspensions coming.

Below is about how much hockey D Carcillo should be seeing over the next few weeks.

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