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Who’s a good boy?

Excuse the images of the domesticated animal, please.

I understand that pictures of kittens and dogs are the still-photography equivalent to water-skiing squirrels on TV news, but this grab below is more about people than animals.  I’m loving the crisis response here.  During an epic battle of European-style football between two nationally-ranked teams of Oak Park 6-year olds, a giant, child-eating war dog infiltrated the grounds and stormed the pitch.

In these moments of extreme adversity, Green 9 experienced a proper flight response.  ‘Trouble’s arrived.  I’m outta here.’  For her part, Pink 4 immediately engaged in…you know, there’s way more tugging on shirts in girls U8 soccer than I would have ever believed had I not watched it week after week…anyway, Pink engaged in a different type of defense.  ‘Hey, tall girl, get between me and this blood hound.’  There’s more than one way to skin a cat, for sure.  That said, from the looks of this picture, she’s dead in the water.  The dog can only maul one kid at a time, and it looks like Green has a step on Pink.  Pink knows she’s done for and immediately raises the terror-alert level to the maximum “Red”, or “Imminent”.  It’s all over but the crying, really.  Except, in this scenario, the attack dog turns out to be a big, happy, giant-tongued hipster hound from LA who wandered away from his new yard to introduce himself to the humans in his new neighborhood.

Nice to meet you too, dog.  Now that you’ve scared the ever-loving shit out of everything below four feet, SIT!

Good boy.


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