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Captain Serious to the rescue.

Big-time players make it happen when it matters most…at least this is what I say to myself when I walk into the rink for my rec league games.  It’s immediately after that point that I begin looking for a wagon to hitch my star to.  Or is it the wagons that get hitched to stars?  Either way, it makes little practical sense, as I own neither.  The idea though, is solid.  When you’re surrounded by assholes, the best asshole better step it up, and the others best fall in.

That’s where Johnny Toews comes in.  This dude is making it happen, period.  Not only has he solidified his role as the Hawk’s most valuable player, he’s making a proper case for league honors in this respect.  Indeed, there are others who are bigger and faster with more goals and more assists.  Big deal.  I welcome suggestions as to whom in the NHL is a more complete package, right now.  Crosby, Ovechkin, Staal?  No way.  Stamkos?  Piss off.  The Sedin twins have built an impressive case in Vancouver, but they look way too much alike to reward.  Plus, they’re Swedes.  Sweden is responsible for Saab automobiles.  If it were up to me, I’d impose trade sanctions on nations responsible for allowing the export of crap like Saabs.  So that pretty much settles that.

Toews has had himself a blockbuster February and has firmly strapped the Chicago Blackhawks on his back as he heads into March.  That nifty little saucer he hand-delivered to Hossa last night to put away Minnesota will make you want to slap your mamma in the face.  If all is right in the world of the Blackhawks, it’ll just be a few more hours before we see some cell phone pics of Kaner getting shit-faced with the commoners after last night’s charter back to the city.


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