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What the?

The police busted out a sledgehammer to hang a picture earlier today, providing passers-by with a free afternoon cup of panic.  Seems an off-duty suburban cop had enough of whatever he’s had enough of, and threatened his own life while parked in his car in a remote part of the South Loop.  Yep, there are still remote areas downtown.  Go figure.  More interestingly, our police department has the ability to go all Matrix on your ass, if they choose.

That’s cool…except, I’m kind of freaked out about cops these days.  I’m guessing the SWAT guys are pretty good at shooting things.  But, there’s no way they are “Neo”-good at shooting things.  And, I can assure you that I’m not “Neo”-good at dodging bullets.  So, there’s 2% of me that’s worried I’m going to get mowed down by machine gun fire from a city cop who tripped on a curb running to a scene that likely requires a psychologist, not gunners.  I don’t think it’s out of line to ask the question:  Do the city police really need M4 military assault rifles?  How about armoured Jeeps that look like rolling death machines?  Is this really an appropriate response to someone refusing to come out of the house with their hands up?  The answer might be: YES.  If so, why doesn’t the mobile killing machine also have exterior-mounted missiles?


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Eyes Wide Shut


TV man Foley has bellowed the netminder’s name more often lately- a good sign that this hockey team is starting to get themselves organized following a never-ending summer of celebratory shenanigans.  The finally healthy hockey team gave the Colorado Avs some discussion points for their flight to Minnesota after Corey Crawford denied the visitors’ soup for the second time this week.  The effort earned Crawford the league’s number two star yesterday.  It also solidifies his role as starting goaltender, a job that’s all his to lose.  He has the NHL’s 3rd best goals-against-average.  Marty Turco, on the other hand, looks oddly relaxed as the new back-up.  Seems perfectly happy minding the bench door.

Nice situation, really.  Crawford’s playing for keeps, as the notion of another day in Rockford, IL is way too much to handle.  3 years in mini-Detroit, and 2 years in Norfolk, VA (www.HelloNorfolk.com) have turned Crawford into a puck-stopping super-hero, desperate for civilized culture.  He HAS to play well.  There’s no other option for him.  When he needs a rest, the Hawks have a veteran all-star patiently waiting to pick up the slack.  Seems ideal.

Now that the rest of the kids seem healthy and productive, they can keep a watchful eye on their rookie friend.  When necessary, they should remind him of the 3 years he spent on a team bus traveling from Rockford to other settlements like Rockford.

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