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I love the ones I never get to use.

In the ‘posed’ scenario, that’s most of them.  I find great difficulty in making posed pictures.  There are lots of cats that are good at that.  I’m not, particularly.  Maybe it’s because I’m probably more uncomfortable taking your picture than you are of having it taken.  News and sports excluded.  So, it was of some surprise that I was hired to shoot a spring wedding.  To an old friend I said, “I dislike weddings very much.  The thought of orchestrating your formals makes me a little sick in my mouth.”  “Perfect.” he says.  “You’re hired.”

Well, alright.

I say that to say, I was a little intimidated by the task of wrangling my nieces and nephews for a christmas card.  I knew I could effectively handle my kids in this project.  Severe, empty threats still work like a charm.  Even though my girls are on to exactly how empty the threats absolutely are, it’s too close to christmas to take a chance.  The rest of this group, however, were of some concern.  The questions, and eventually protesting, began almost immediately.  But, like the proper professional-looking photographer I am, a usable image was made…along with 20 hilarious outtakes.


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