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Sam Jr

Interesting couple of days.

As I sit here with nothing to do but wait, the old man is waging the battle of his life.  His immediate well-being is in the hands of his surgeon, and perhaps, fate.  Heart disease runs in the family.  Great grandparents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and now, dad.  After a visit to a joint called Heart Check America, a stress test and an angiogram, the padrone was admitted and prepped for quadruple by-pass heart surgery.  A good thing, we all suppose.  Better now, before a massive heart attack, then after.  By, “we all”, I mean, everybody.  This dude has had more friends and family come through the door the day before this 6-hour operation than most of us have in superficial Facebook friends.  No better testament to the impact and presence this man has on so many lives.  Sammy Jr has a lot of living to do yet, starting today.  He is tasked with surviving a major medical procedure, recovering from open-heart surgery, helping raise current and future grand-children, and offending whomever may be within earshot of his foursome on the golf course- for another 20 years.

It’s an important day in the life of my father and the lives of our family.  While these hours are providing his loved-ones with the opportunity to gather without engaging in a roof-raising political debate, the only thing we can do is nothing at all.


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Who’s looking at whom?

“Get the camera sorted already, I got a magic-head-thing happenin’ here.”

If bears could talk.

I like the zoo.  Not sure why I’m cool with holding animals hostage, but I am.  I think zoos are ultimately a good thing for animal research and public awareness.  I’m not sure the animals would agree.  Since we couldn’t care less about what animals think, it’s usually a non-issue.  That is until a white tiger decides it’s ‘go time’, and takes a bite out of a magician.  Then we still don’t care what the animal thinks.

I had the pleasure of a guided tour with the staff photographer at Brookfield last week before the gates opened.  This meant not having to listen to the trailer park lady complain that the gorillas were just sitting there…doing nothing.  You know…because observing a Silverback from 15 feet isn’t entertaining enough.  “Excuse me sir, which way is the monkey show?”

Looks like it’s right here, right now, lady.

Just a casual photo tour with a handful of people who appreciate the care and study of creatures.  We made it to the cats, dogs and bears.

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