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Today, yesterday, last Monday, next Tuesday- the kids went back to school.  To most, this means: “Hell, traffic sucks now!”  There are others, like Sue and I, that are faced with yet another numerical reminder that our children are a year closer to taking over the company, and sending us on our way.  Do they really have to label the grades by ascending numbers that coincide with a full calendar year?  She’s in the second grade.  Next year she’ll be in third.  It continues on, as math does, until 12.  Then, it switches to moderately confusing words like sophomore- a better option for those trying not to keep track of how old they are.  For those who think college was just a few years ago, wrong.  It was a shitload of years ago, and the plan to be a professional tennis player is officially in jeopardy.  For Sue, today is an emotional beat-down that would fit comfortably in the top 5 emotional events of her mothering career, by any way of measure.  Louise checked herself in to the kindergarten at roughly 8:31CST this morning.  Sue’s duties as Executive Vice President and General Manager have been significantly reduced.  Yes, I am the President, though I have little power at the daily level.  I’m really more the architect of the strategy.  Anyway, the first day of school this year is not like the first day of school every other year.  The 8 hours of quiet, empty house will be the proof.  However, I feel all kids should be fairly warned that this here melancholy will surely evolve into super-human focus on the part of parental units.  This emotional assault will not stand.  We will not accept being useless.  We will re-energize our quest to save the world, just like before you were born.


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