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I’m reminded of Veronica Corningstone after spending the morning at the track, making silly pictures of the guy that starred in that movie, “Can’t Buy Me Love”.  Seeing the connection yet?  You see, in the 20+ years since this dude played the part of a geek on a lawn tractor, he has apparently made a name for himself as an actor, and more recently, a race car driver.  Well, he’s in town for Transformers 3, a motion picture based on a true story about…actually, I haven’t a clue what it’s about, nor did I know that there were 2 other movies with almost identical names before it.  He does some promo work for Mazda, and showed up at a car racing event in Joliet.

Anyway, everybody loves a movie star.  So, a couple of the local TV stations sent out cameras and fancy-looking reporters so they could pretend like they were Entertainment Tonight.  Meanwhile, I pretended as though I was under-cover for People magazine.  Except that I wasn’t so much hanging out behind a hedge.  Back to Veronica Corningstone.  NBC turned up with a palmcorder video camera, and Tits Magee wearing 4″ heels and some kind of skirt.  WGN-TV went more MTV-style, with a Carson Daly-type dude holding the mic, and a camera guy that couldn’t keep still.  New school.  Check the hair and glasses.

The trend is clearly form before function in the area of local news talent.  Let’s say the runway model escapes getting punted by a race car after tripping on her shoes while adjusting her brassiere.  What happens if there is an actual news story on the way home?  Every news story I go on requires some level of hurried movement.  Shoes are important.  No flip-flops, no heels.  CNN’s Christiane Amanpour looks like she’s out to gather some facts.  This one didn’t quite look like that.  What use is a reporter on heels?  It’s like throwing me on a uni-cycle at a breaking news event.  How’s that going to work?

As for P Dempsey, he seems like an exceedingly nice dude.  The TV show about hot doctors has done him well.  He was perfectly happy to accommodate any and all who fancied a picture or a chat.  Plus, he owns and drives a Mazda RX-8 GT car in the Rolex Sports Car series, which is cool.


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Sons of beaches.

Hottest day of the year, and, what the hell is going on with these beaches already?

Is someone going to take charge of the situation and make up something new, or are they simply going to keep saying it’s bird shit?  I’m having difficulty understanding how the beach is open yesterday, closed today and back open tomorrow.  I’d like a review of the data collection method.  I’m not buying it.  What happened to the big rake they bought?  This bacteria war was supposed to feature cutting edge technology.  This rake business was apparently a one-off, custom type of thing.  H Barber & Sons makes the rake.  They used technology.  It’s listed on their website as the “Chicago Rake”.  Our beach issue is so special, they named their rake after us.

Anyway, we have this thing now.  Problem solved?

Apparently not.  Maybe the settings on the rake are wrong?  Do we even know how to use the rake?  How fast are you supposed to drive the tractor to optimize the bacteria-killing feature of the rake?  Does the rake need sharpening?  How would you even know?  I’m skeptical.  I wanted to like the rake when news of this new device broke last year.  Truth is, I have little real-world confidence in the rake.  I’m predicting the city eventually claims the rake actually sucks, and does little.  The rake people will fire back that the city has been using the rake upside-down, which is ineffective.  The public will conclude that both are idiots, because really…rakes?  The beach is closed because it’s unsafe- until we rake it?  Then it’s good?

Please.  I’m out of the beach business until we get some kids in charge over there to figure this thing out.  I’m thinking computers.  Google, maybe.  They seem to know a lot of stuff.  I’m also not opposed to laser-beams.  Truth be told, the ultimate solution would be the introduction of some sort of insane creature that not only eats and destroys the beach bacteria, but then runs loose, uncontrolled in the city, causing terror.

This E.coli character is starting to become a real issue.

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Thought I’d share one of the frames I’ve been staring at for a few days.  This is actually a video grab from one of those sneaky, video-shootin’ DSLR cameras.  I’ve tried getting still shots of lightning, and I suck at it.  However, I do have a nice little collection of interesting pics that I snatched from the 20 minutes of video I collected last Wednesday afternoon when a massive wall of doom rolled into town and battered most of northern Illinois.  The studio worked out to be an ideal perch to observe the storm as it pushed over the lake.  The only regret here was that Sue and the girls didn’t get to see it.  Their view of the basement walls was probably less memorable.

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