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Island Life 3.

Sailboats are cool.  A lot of people don’t know that.

They are especially cool when crewed by someone other than yourself, and equipped with a bar and tender of bar.  They become increasingly cool yet, when sailed in the Caribbean Sea at dusk.  I found time- while enjoying the elements, the machine, the atmosphere- to snap off a few slow shutters.  This top one may not be the best, but it’s the one that made me smile before and after I pressed the button.  Watching Sergio (left) try to steady himself in order to make a decent night picture was worth the price of admission.


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Island Life 2.

Maybe I’m paranoid about animals lately?  I am positive that Dahlia (my horse) was rolling her eyes at my commands.  Apparently, “giddy up” doesn’t mean what I thought it meant.  After making the simple request a dozen or so times, Dahlia stopped to have a leak.  Not the sort of cooperation I was hoping for.  Perhaps I misunderstood my role on this team.  As a side note, this horse relieved herself of biblical quantities of urine.  Borderline alarming.

While we didn’t enjoy the boss/employee relationship I imagined, we did come to an agreement.  Dahlia would walk from point A to B and back without ejecting me and stepping on my head, while I could pretend to be in charge.

I read that it was many degrees below freezing in Chicago today- which sucks for people in Chicago.

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Island Life.

I ran into a couple of jerks today while on a two-part mission to buy liquor and drag race the rental car. These two beasts showed a level of disrespect and indifference that I simply couldn’t ignore. The one on the right just stared without a single nod or wink or anything. Kind of like he was better than me. The other waved his tongue around at me as if to say: “Why don’t you go f**k yourself.” We left it unresolved.

Below you’ll see the rented, 45000 mile Pontiac Grand Sunfire SE Touring Edition sports car I requested. I was granted one-week access to this baby in exchange for $350 US dollars. I offered to buy it from the rental lady for $1000 to save the hassle of returning it. She didn’t really see the humor. I tried bringing the machine down to the local drag strip here in Grand Cayman to see what it was capable of. If it caught fire, then so-be-it. Unfortunately, the track was closed and there would be no rental car racing today.

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Selective focus.

Fire Chief, Deputy District Chief, Battalion Chief, District Deputy Battalion Assistant, Chief Wingman to the Deputy Commissioner, First Officer in charge of Fire Investigations- daylight shift.  Whatever.  All accomplished firefighters and cool people with very important jobs and curiously long titles.  Interesting to photograph?  Uh, sorry, no.  This fire was such a non-issue, that I came away with window washers and a picture of a guy’s camera taking a picture of a guy.  This was amusing in that the fella taking this video glanced at me with the ‘what the hell are you shooting’ sort of look.  I get that a lot.

The only podium shot worth taking is one that includes the Mayor or the former Gov.  Daley gets so hyper-pissed that there is always the chance of catching the moment when smoke or flames can actually be seen exiting one of his facial orifices.  Blagojevich is a walking freak-show.  Always a quality photo subject.

No offense to this gentleman, but the back of the Canon 7D was more interesting here.

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Staying alive.

You wouldn’t know it from the picture, but there was a meaty fire response for a blaze in an exhaust shaft inside this Loop high-rise. Totally uninterested in the 15 fire trucks below, this guy kept on with the business of trying not to die while washing windows. Despite the mass evacuation and smoke-filled elevator lobbies, this was the most interesting visual I noticed. I spent the rest of time freezing while trying to avoid the flighty “what happened” question from passersby. I disagree with the notion that there are no stupid questions. Even when I’m not working, if I see 15 fire trucks and hoses all over the road, I can feel confident in assuming there is probably a fire.

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I don’t spend much time shooting buildings and such.  There are many exceptional photographers in this city that spend their time making and selling inspiring landscape pictures.  I’m not one of them, but I do have a folder full of skyline pictures that are pleasing to click through after editing news and crime-related images.  This was a smash-and-grab favor for a friend who needed a traffic picture for a website.  I spent 3 minutes on this favor.  It was windy, cold and late while I was tired, hungry and irritable.  Not the ideal creative environment.

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Tom and Jerry.

I’ve done some practical testing. It has been determined that if one needs a good mouser, adopt a Siberian.

If you simply need a good mouse, the Apple Magic Mouse should be the choice. Though I fail to fully recognize its ‘magical’ powers, it is, at the very least, surprisingly comfortable and intuitive. I did not buy it for these reasons, however. The device is modern and sexy. I would like to be modern and sexy. I thought, maybe…

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