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Bring it, fools.

My generous and foolish wife gave the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.

That’s right. Arcade-style bubble hockey. This all-world level present will haunt the females in this home for years to come. Example: The 3rd period buzzer was all that could quell a relentless offensive barrage against the 4 year old that amounted to 10 goals on 27 shots. The 6 year old suffered a similar fate with an embarrassing 9-0 loss while being held to just 3 shots.

Sue? Well, she may have won the first contest- but I briefly spoke with my plastic men in the room after the loss and feel confident for the re-match.


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An all-time classic party photo for your viewing pleasure.

The players are unimportant.  This out-of-focus, poorly composed rubbish of a picture was made one-handed with the camera in my lap while enjoying a cocktail.  The gent had just met the bird a minute earlier before settling onto the sofa for a round of ‘What’s Your Story?’  Period.  No complicated back story.

It’s a simple question.  At what point in the progression of a relationship are interior nose treatments acceptable?  Could it possibly be two minutes?  This guy thinks so.

On a technical note, this action was nearly imperceptible to the human eye.  The hyper-fast Canon captured only two frames (with the drive set at 9 frames per second)- which means the business took place very, very quickly.  For students looking for capture details:  28mm; F1.8 @ 1/100; ISO 2500; Canon 1D Mk3.

Prints are available.

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Unflappable Finn.

It’s being reported that Antti Niemi was humming the Ethel Mermon classic “Anything you can do (I can do better)” while glaring at Cristobal Huet during the 3rd period of tonight’s game in Detroit.  What’s a brother need to do to get the starting nod?  He leads the league in shutouts and goals against.  He’s obviously super quick with mad skillz.  I say: if you want to win, stick with the Finn!

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postcard from Hotlanta-

My lady friend and I stormed Georgia over the weekend for the business of pleasure. I brought a point-and-shoot camera to keep myself amused in the moments that Sue and I took breaks from emotionally “connecting.” I’m easily entertained by long exposure night pictures- which explains the nonsense above.

Below are the views from the two hotels, as well as some pics from a few days of motoring at Road Atlanta.

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…nor is it always ethical. And sometimes the road to high performance involves a stop at Perkins Pancake Diner to pick up chicks.

While Accenture ‘publicly’ distanced themselves from P Diddy Woods, they don’t seem to be in much of a hurry to actually distance themselves by way of banner removal. I was kind of wondering why this story keeps rolling right along with the same high-level intensity it’s had from the beginning. One possibility is the fact that the dude is everywhere. You can’t get away from it. Over one hour, I saw him wearing a Tag on a highway billboard, on the January cover of Golf Digest (with Obama) and on three airport signs including the one above.

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LA in the house.

K Bryant and Co. rolled into the gym for a noon time shoot-around before tonights probable beat-down of the Chicago Bulls. I have no insider information here. The Lakers are awesome and the Bulls suck, period. Some headline-like things would have to happen tonight for this basketball game to end differently.

Funny thing happened while LA was on the floor. The hockey kids showed up after their morning practice down the street at Johnny’s Icehouse. Most, if not all, peeked in on the closed basketball practice before being chased away by a Laker assistant. That’s right. The Lakers not only closed the gym to the media, but the resident hockey team as well. Apparently, they have some proprietary basketball moves to credit for their Western Conference dominance. And all this time I thought that they were simply better at tossing the bean through the orange cylinder. There must be a method.

Below are some of the other frames I liked from the morning. (from top: J Powell; K Bryant; P Gasol; P Jackson; K Bryant)

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This is an insignificant picture of a really long train that consists entirely of tanker cars in Oak Park.  Someone ordered a s**tload of liquid.  This image confirms that it’s on its way.

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