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Eagle eye.

A whole bunch of luck amounted to a clear picture of a Bald Eagle on Thanksgiving. This shot was made in the early afternoon while the bird was circling an area on the south shore of Lake Geneva (WI). Obviously, no one was ready (with a camera), or expecting the possibility of seeing the presidential seal fly by. On its second pass, I happened to have a camera with a 70-200mm sitting next to me. There was just enough time to run out the back door while adjusting ISO and f-stop to spray him as he circled back.


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Nice to meet you.

Good luck tonight, M Hossa.  Many of the world’s most unforgiving hockey fans will be staying up late to evaluate your every stride, pass and shot as a full-time Chicago hockey forward.  I feel for you, as your back is against the wall.  Chicago fans could care less how difficult it was to get back in shape without the help of teammates.  They’ll have zero tolerance for the inevitable fatigue you’ll suffer.  You’ll be allowed exactly two shifts to get reacquainted with NHL pace and new line mates P Kane and J Toews.  After that, you’ll need to start thinking about the point you need in order to keep pace with the 25 goals and 40 assists required as part of this years contract.

Not familiar with that one?  You will learn soon enough.

In addition to the signed documents with the Chicago Blackhawks, you have an implied performance contract with the fans.  It’s a fair contract that requires only what you have demonstrated you are capable of.  So, 80 games, 40 goals and 50 assists.  You are not responsible for the points you missed while in recovery.

Meet the terms of the deal, they will make you a rock star.  Suck, and they will boo you into the fetal position.

Anyway, go get ’em in the first game of the rest of your career.

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airport pick-up.

Watching the scoreboard in the cell phone lot at O’Hare while waiting for Sue.  Wondering if the US requires all Arab airlines arrivals to route through Nashville?  Perhaps an attempt to ease Middle Easterners into the western culture by first showing them a folk singing/cowboy/howdy kind of thing, before hammering them with proper American offensiveness, big city-style?

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provoking kids.

We must know that at some point, our children, all children, will assemble and demand an audience with us- the very people who dress them in ridiculous costumes and make them perform without pay for our entertainment.  They will demand answers, and we will defend our practices with claims that it is done for their benefit.  “It’s a learning experience” we’ll say.

But they know.  And they will continue to accept it, because we feed them.

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“Sideways” was a good movie.  Tivo that.

I snapped this picture while out to dinner with Sue, instead of closely listening to something that was probably very important.


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another hockey.

I was able to peak in on some entertaining high school field hockey this weekend.  Checking would propel this game into a world-class spectator sport.

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November 16

Small holiday evergreen trees have arrived on the corner of Chicago and Maple in Oak Park.  Seems early, but maybe this is normal? The 6 year-old scoffed: “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.”  I argued that her logic was kind of basic.  She didn’t say anything, but I think she was thinking that this corner lot should be selling turkeys.

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