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help, defined.

robberyblog8Today’s offering is pending attorney approval.
Check back tomorrow.


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paintfire10There are no small fires on a windy day.

Nobody was hurt during the ordeal at 2350 S Pulaski where a fire broke out at a paint store late this morning.  However, it was so windy that the fire went from the initial call to a full-fledged situation in less than 10 minutes.  CFD fire chiefs have an uncanny ability to calmly cope with some pretty exceptional disasters.  When listening to them talk on the radio, it is sometimes difficult to get a sense of the magnitude of an incident just by listening to their tone.  I’ve heard them calmly request 10 ambulances to the scene of a bus crash that resulted in burning carnage and a small riot like they’re asking to pass the mustard.  I wish there were a way for them to include whether they think the incident is news-worthy in their initial report back to dispatchers.  Something like: give me two extra trucks, and ambulance and a news photographer.  That would be easier.

Not much help today either, other than to say that the chief wasn’t on scene for 10 seconds before requesting help- and lots of it.  No tonal cues, but over the next 15 minutes there were nearly 100 firefighters and lord knows how much equipment descending upon Pulaski and Cermak- including a couple of news cameras.

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car party.

carparty4Italian cars are cool, period.

They’re amazing inside and out, on road and track, in sight and sound, and to photograph.  I think almost any picture that includes one is automatically a better picture.

These are a few pics from a party that was held at the Ferrari/Maserati store in Hinsdale.

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annual CPD vigil.

vigil3Sue was kind enough to spend an hour with me last Thursday evening walking around the Gold Star Families Memorial and Park during the annual candlelight vigil for fallen CPD officers.  The park is between Soldier Field and Burnham Harbor, just a few steps from the water.  Pretty cool, really.  Cops, family and friends gathered to read or listen to the 500+ names of every CPD officer who had died in the line.

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advanced motoring.

If you don’t appreciate motoring and machines, then click away.  No news images this day.

For those who value unnecessary engineering marvels, I have a shot of one of the last Ferrari 430’s.  The ultra-rare 16M Scuderia.  Less than 500 of these worldwide.  Was fortunate enough to be at the track to snap a few frames and hitch a ride in this one.  As Ferris Bueller remarked: “Che bella”.


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dog gone it…


Didn’t expect this one.  After covering a South Side chase and car crash, I walked the block back to my car on the quiet 6400 block of S Greenwood near the U of C.  One second, I was enjoying the underrated architecture of the homes in this area- the next, I was in the cross-hairs of a loose pit bull running at maximum speed.  The “terror alert level” was immediately elevated to the RED LEVEL, indicating severe risk of attack.  Not sure why, but I thought if I simply ignored the situation by continuing to walk, maybe it would just go away.  That sometimes works at home, and fortunately, it’s all I could think to do in this time of extraordinary stress.

Sure enough, the dog stopped 12 inches behind my heels and administered the sternest lecture of barking I have ever received.  Though thoroughly offended, and near tears, I continued on unharmed.  The dog chose not to engage in an all out street fight with the white guy carrying cameras.  I can usually find some humor in most situations, but this one took a few minutes.  I piled into the car and drove off to the next assignment with the familiar sound of the police and fire radios chirping in the background.  Then I hear: “Can I get a car to take a ride by 6431 S Greenwood…caller states a pit bull is running loose and almost bit a man.”

I returned 30 minutes later to snap this shot.  The one on the right with the tongue is the one with the issues.

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suds3Who doesn’t like bubbles?

While the Chicago Police were investigating the incident where an armed man barricaded himself in the waiting room at the Jesse Brown VA Hospital, a construction worker took time out to play in the bubbles across the street from the commotion.

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